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Snowglobe, 3 dancers (Cool Snow Globes)

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Snowball representing 3 dancers, very finely decorated representing the lightness of tutus, the grace of breaks. Shake this globe and dream!

Dimensions: total height: 12.5 cm x diameter: 10 cm

The snowballs are made of high quality. The globe is made of thick glass. It is placed on a base in black wood or metal. The interior decoration is hand-painted. The globe is filled with pure water and artificial snow.

The history of the snowball dates back to 1878 years of the Universal Exhibition. It was made by the master glassmakers in France.

A few precautions: do not put the snowball too long in full sun or directly under a light. This will alter the color of the water and heat the glass.

Made in USA and China. Feel free to visit:


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Snowglobe, 3 dancers (Cool Snow Globes)

Snowglobe, 3 dancers (Cool Snow Globes)

Snowglobe, 3 dancers (Cool Snow Globes)


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