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Patchouli solid perfume (Le Jardin de Mon Grand-Père)

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The solid perfume in the shape of stones are composed of a vegetal base with essential oils, natural resins and aromatic productis. To wear as a grigri, a lucky charm. Put in the small places in the house or heated in a perfume-burner, an original and not toxic manner to perfume the house. Each stone can be heat further times until the perfume disappears.

Le Jardin de Mon Grand-Père, fragrances which inspires. Florence Kusnierek, fragrance creator, is an artisan of the perfume. She works in a creative and simple liberty, directly with the material. She supervises the fabrications and offers safe products.

Made in France


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Patchouli solid perfume (Le Jardin de Mon Grand-Père)

Patchouli solid perfume (Le Jardin de Mon Grand-Père)

Box filled of Patchouli perfumed stones.

Size : 10 cm x 5 cm x 6 cm. Approx. 8 stones.

"The essential oil of patchouli leaves has the scent of a wood, strong, deep. It is from the earth that patchouli takes its strengh. It has the scent of humid, damp and mossy note.     In the composition of perfume, patchouli diffuses its depth of fragrance, enveloping, radiant and sensual." JMGP


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